Helix 150cc Go Kart Review

Helix 150cc Go Kart Review

Helix 150cc Go Kart Review

Helix 1500cc Go Kart

Go karting is great fun, no-one can deny that! Whether you compete in races or use it to zip across your land it is something enjoyed not just by kids, but by their moms and dads too and for good reason. It gets you outside, you tend to learn about maintenance and fixing things, its a great way for a family to spend time together, or a hobby to have when you want to get away from things. There are a lot of options when it comes to go karts, and this article is specifically a Helix 1500cc go kart review.

The Helix 150cc Go Kart is an older machine but if you are looking for something fun for you and the family and are on a budget it is a good option to consider. The appearance of this machine can put some buyers off, and it is true over the years there are better looking karts to be found, but sometimes you need to look past the face of things and look deeper and the Helix 150cc has some good things about it.

Advantages include:

  • Cost – this is cheaper because it is back to basics, should be under $1500
  • Less prone to roll – thanks to its long wheel base it is safer to use
  • Great drifting – when you need to drift it performs well
  • Performance – performs well for a 150cc kart
  • Good suspension
  • Variable gearing which is good since it is low cc
  • Frame is lightweight but still sturdy
  • Simple build making a good first time kart someone can tinker around with


  • Missing mudflaps – it does not have factory mud flaps so will need them put on if you are using it in wet and muddy terrain
  • Missing speedometer – you have to guess your speed or put your own in
  • Not good on tight trails – that long wheelbase that is good for safety does mean it does not do well on tight turns. You may have to make a lot of 3 point turns as it does not have the shorter radius of turning that other buggies have with short wheelbases
  • Bench seating – no bucket seats so maybe less comfortable and that is a factor in its appearance too
  • Finding parts – being an older kart it may be harder to get parts for it or get it serviced
  • No low end power
  • Roll cage does tend to rattle a lot because of its lightweight nature
  • Small tires means it goes quicker but does not perform as well as top speeds and it means cannot clear as much on the ground. Rocks and such can hit the rear axle.
  • Only one rear brake
  • Seat belts are just the basic 3 pointers


If you are new to go karts or just want something affordable to have some fun with, and tinker on, this is a good choice. It is not going to be great on serious off road terrain or in kart races but out in the yard, on flat land it will perform fine.


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